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No.Specification                                                     SN -S Series Infusion pump
Infusion Mode SN-S1: Fully extruded type, Speed Mode, Drip Mode, Body-weight Mode, Time Mode, Sequence Mode, Micro Mode, Gradient Mode
Infusion Set 20d/mI,60d/ml
Infusion type SN-S1 Series is fully extruded peristaltic infusion; SN-S2 Series is half extruded peristaltic infusion.
Accuracy of flow rate +5% or 3d/min
Flow Rate 20d/ml IV set flow rate range 
Micro Mode:0.1mI/h-100.0 ml/h 
Speed Mode:0.1mI/h-1500.0 ml/h 
Drip Mode: 1 d/min-400 d/min
60d/ml IV set flow rate range
 Micro Mode. 0.1mI/h-150.0 ml/h 
Speed Mode: 0.1ml/h-200.0 ml/h 
Drip Mode. 1 d/min-200 d/min
Preset Volume 0.01-9999.99mI, increment: 0.01ml 
Delivered Volume 0.01-9999.99mI, increment: 0.01mI 
KVO 0.1-5mI/h
BOLUS 5-1500mI/h
Bubble Dectector Bubble Detector in 8 level:
Level 1. 25uI
Level 2: 50uI
Level 3: 100ul
Level 4: 200ul
Level 5:  300ul
Level 6:  400ul
Level 7:  500ul
Level 8:  800uI
Default:  Level 3
Occlusion Detector Pressure The alarm threshold is between 13.3kPa-120kPa with 12 levels divided linearly; The default level is 5 in Micro mode, The default level is 8 in other infusion mode.
History More than 2000pcs
Special Function Supporting pump stackable with working station, Relay infusion, Keypad Lock, Adjusting rate on infusion, Release pressure automatically, Peristaltic pump can be taken off to clean, Anti-retract detector, Drug library
Alarms Operation Timeout Alarm, Nearly Empty Alarm, Non-calibration of infuion set, Occlusion, Bubble, Door open, Finish, KVO Finish, Drip sensor abnormal, No AC Power,Battery Low, Battery Exhausted, System Error, System Power Error,Over Limit, Drip clamp not closed, Not installed battery, Infusion speed abnormal
Communication RS485   WIFI
Protection Class Class Il,Type CF,IP33 
DimensionMeight 287”168”82(mm ),2.1KG
Interface DC Power interface, General Communication Interface  I Nurse call, RS485
Power a. AC Adapter
Input: 100-240Va.c,50/60Hz,40VA
Output: 15Vd.c,2.0A
b. DC Power: DC 12V
c. Battery: 7.4V Li, 2600mAh or 5200mAh
Recharging time: Approx 8 hours when power on; Approx 4 hours when power off 
Battery operating time:
10 hours@5200mAh at 25ml/h 
5 hours@2600mAh at 25mI/h
Environment Operating condition:
Ambient Temperature: +5 ”C~+40"C ,
Relative Humidity: 15%~95%  (Non-condensed)
Pressure: 57.0 kPa ~ 106.0kPa,     ≤ 3000m Altitude
Storage condition:
Ambient Temperature: − 40  “C~+70”C ,
Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 98%  (Non-condensed )
Pressure: 50.0 kPa  ~ 106.0kPa
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